Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ubuntu and the family

So far, my experiment with Ubuntu 10.10 and the family computer seems to be working well.  I had a couple glitches with the video until I remembered that this computer had an old TV tuner card in it which we no longer use.  It had a conflict with the video card.  Once I removed the TV tuner card, the problems went away.  I was able to set up all the cool graphic effects like rotating cubes and wobbly windows.  I installed Skype from the Ubuntu software center (kind of like the App Store or Android marketplace) and it detected the webcam with no problem.  I also wanted to install the Pandora desktop application, which isn't officially supported in Linux.  I installed Adobe Air and was able to install the Pandora desktop app with no problem.  (I'm listening to Arcangelo Correli as I'm writing.)  So far, the only issue seems to have been the TV tuner card, which I would guess is not an issue for most people. 

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