Friday, March 11, 2011

Are you ready for IPv6 day this June?

I've recently written several posts about IPv6 including one titled You can't hide from IPv6 much longer and another one titled More on IPv6.  The last IPv4 addresses were handed out in February of this year and the countdown is on.

Major websites now supposedly support IPv6 including Google, Facebook, Verizon, and Netflix.  Check out Facebook's IPv6 address in this screen capture from using nslookup:

Someone has a sense of humor!  (Ya gotta love engineer humor.)

World IPv6 Day is June 8th, when major providers will be enabling IPv6 on their networks (many have already enabled it).

You can test your IPv6 readiness at, which is good for hours of entertainment.  That same website has an entire page devoted to IPv6 day.

Yes, conversion to a new transport protocol is challenging and potentially dangerous.  Yes, it will happen eventually, so you might as well start the process of preparing now.  See my previous posts for more information about the changeover process, including websites for more info about how to do it.

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