Monday, January 3, 2011

Is that a router on your pallette (or are you just trying to ping me)?

Note to the reader:  I've been asked to be a regular blogger at Computerworld.  My Computerworld blog, titled "From Tech to Exec" will be about the human side of IT.  My plan is to continue this blog and include links to the posts on the Computerworld site as well as musings, rants, and how-to guides on things IT.  In other words, this blog isn't going to change much, except that once per week, there will be a short teaser with a link to the Computerworld blog.  What follows is that teaser.

Our jobs, although technical by definition, are really about how we solve human problems in the workplace.  The art of our work lies in how we develop creative, technical solutions to workplace challenges.  We're artists and, instead of paints or clay, our palettes consist of code, scripts, cables, servers, and routers. Oh, and an ability to communicate in meaningful ways with our users.  This blog is about the human side of technologists' jobs.  Read more at Computerworld.

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