Saturday, November 17, 2012

More on Windows 8 and my new hard drive

I've been working with my newly upgraded laptop for a week with Windows 8 and the Seagate hybrid hard drive.  Some thoughts:

  • It boots incredibly fast.  From death to life in about 35 seconds.  Very impressive.
  • I really like the start screen in Windows 8, especially now that I've figured out how to customize it by adding things to it.  (Right-click on the item to be added, perhaps a folder, and choose "Add to start screen".)
  • I haven't found a way to add Recent Files to the start screen.  I really miss that from the start menu in previous versions of Windows.  You can add Recent Places, but it's not even close to the same thing as Recent Files.
  • I don't particularly care for the Windows 8 start screen apps.  They just seem sort of clunky.  I find myself bypassing them and just using my old favorites such as Google Chrome.
  • The one exception to my previous comment about the Windows 8 start screen apps is the email client, which allows you to aggregate email from multiple sources, so I have my Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo mail all in a single interface.  That's handy.
  • As you might expect, there are compatibility issues, but so far the only big one I've discovered is with Quickbooks.  That's an Intuit issue, not a Microsoft issue.  (It's the same thing that happened going from XP to Vista and from Vista to 7 where you can't create PDFs of invoices and other documents to send to clients.)  Intuit has a lousy track record with me in this area.  Also, HP doesn't support my ancient laptop with Windows 8 drivers.  I had to go to the Nvidia website and download Windows 7 video drivers, but they work, so this is a minor hitch.  Canon, on the other hand, has Windows 8 drivers and software available now to download for use with their printers and multi-function devices, even old ones!

Overall?  I'm very impressed with the Seagate Momentus hard drive.  Windows 8?  The jury's still out, but I am enjoying far.

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