Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I love teaching Linux and Cisco classes

I just finished teaching my Linux server class today here in Seattle.  We had a small group, so I was able to customize the class on the fly to meet the students particular areas of interest.  One of the things that I love about teaching is watching students go from frustration to a sense of accomplishment when the "light bulb comes on".  For example, I've written a student hands-on exercise on NFS that not only teaches how to configure NFS, but also gives the students real world, hands-on experience in finding and understanding built-in scripts such as the service scripts on RedHat systems.  (My class is based on CentOS, a RedHat-based distro.)  It's fun to see students get excited about learning new things.  That happened several times today and every time it happens, it's a real joy for me to watch.  It also gives me more ideas of videos to create for our YouTube channel, so, like they say on TV, stay tuned.  (I don't mean to gush...I'm just pretty excited about today's class.  Can you tell?)

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