Friday, February 11, 2005

How to Troubleshoot DNS Issues with "nslookup"

Nslookup is a very handy and often underutilized tool for assisting in name resolution issues. Nslookup runs in most (if not all) systems utilizing TCP/IP. It allows you to query a name server for various types of information concerning the name resolution process. Try this command at a command prompt:

nslookup [hostnamefully qualified domain name]
This command will display the nameserver for the domain and the IP address of the host.

Or try this:
The command by itself starts the nslookup service. The prompt is “>”.

>ls [domain name]
This command will display a listing of hosts in the domain with their IP addresses.

Although many in the Linux/UNIX community prefer to use “dig”, nslookup is the most commonly available of all the DNS troubleshooting tools and is supported on most OS platforms.

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