Friday, March 4, 2011

The unhelp files: When documentation fails

In a recent Cisco ASA workshop, one of my students bemoaned a call he placed to tech support. His company is a big client of a well-known security software vendor. He had unsuccessfully attempted to find the answer he needed in their documentation, so he called their help desk. The rep he spoke with berated him for not looking up his solution in the documentation and condescendingly pointed him toward the document with the answer. (There's never an excuse to treat another human being disrespectfully.)

Frankly, most of the IT people I know would prefer anything over calling tech support and only place such a call as a last resort after every other avenue has failed. In this case, the vendor's documentation failed and so did their technical support staff.  In this blog post on my Computerworld blog, I share five tips for writing great technical documentation and include a link to a video with even more ways to improve your technical documentation.

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