Monday, June 18, 2007

Living with Linux on the Laptop: The Install and Initial Setup

I installed Fedora 7. There’s tons of great documentation on that (check out, so I won’t do the details of that.

The screen looked terrible, so I researched that and discovered that I needed to add drivers for the video card (that’s not as obvious as you might think…the Linux kernel supports tons of different devices out of the box). Anyway, I added support for the Nvidia gforce card. It was easy to find the drivers (the most recent one I could find at the time was 100.14.09 and earlier ones didn’t work) at the Nvidia website and installation procedures were well-documented. The command to install was (all on a single line):

sh /root/Desktop/

Fought with wireless configuration for about an hour until I realized that I just wasn’t detecting the access point. Duh. I was in a room some distance from the AP, but it had usually worked in the past. When I got closer to the access point, Fedora found two wireless networks and notified me right away. When I chose mine, which is protected with WPA-PSK, it asked me for the key and immediately connected me. Very slick.

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